The Rotterdam Noordereiland District is a very special one in Rotterdam. Noordereiland means Northern Island and is a small island in the river the nieuwe maas and is connecting Rotterdam Zuid and the city centre, as you can see on the map below.

Rotterdam Noordereiland

This small island of only 67 ha. is connected to the northern part of Rotterdam through the red bridge called the Willemsbrug. This area is in general pretty quite, since it is not close to any main roads. The location is great, however it can be a little difficult to access the city. There is no subway station and using the car to go to the city is not recommended. However, there are busses going to town are you can do as the dutch do, take the bike!

Rental Apartments Rotterdam Noordereiland
It is difficult to describe a typical rental apartment in this area. There is a great discrepancy between old and new buildings, however apartments on the North side facing the city centre remain very popular. You can find good rental apartment in the “Koopvaardijhof” and the right tip of the island. Also try looking for apartments at the Maaskade, this is the side facing the city centre.  Since there is no typical apartment here, it is hard to put a price on it. Just keep in mind the normal prices for a short stay and furnished apartment.

This area is not known for a lot good places to eat and drink. The best advice is to go to the Kop van Zuid or to the Markthal on the other side of the Willemsbrug. What you can do is go eat in the summer at the fish restaurant A la Plancha. This is a great restaurant on the riverside serving fresh fish and other seafoods.