How to rent out your place at is the website to find mid-term to long term housing in Rotterdam. By renting out your property at HousingRotterdam, you get access to a huge pool tenants searching for a property like yours. Listing your property on is free and you will not pay at any moment renting out your place.  Check out the video below: 

...or follow our step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Sign in or Register at

Click on Rent out your place at the top-right corner and login in or sign-up. You can quickly login using Facebook, Google or Linkedin login. 

Step 2: Follow the Step by Step process after logged in

After signing in, click once more on Rent out your place and select the home type, room type, the number of people the property accommodates and finally the city:

Step 3: Finish the 5 step process 

Just follow the steps as described on the left-hand menu. Fill out all the requested information for the best possible listing: 

Important Notes:
  1. Please be as complete and descriptive as possible so you make sure that the tenants knows what to expect
  2. Add great pictures. High quality pictures of different angles of property and the area will help the tenants understand better how the place looks like and you are more likely to rent out. 
  3. Set a competitive monthly price. Please note that the pricing is set monthly
  4. Complete the availability in your calendar. Default setting for the calendar is available at all times.

Step 4: Complete your listing 

If you completed all the steps correctly, a red button with list space (see below) will appear, click on this one and your listing is saved and complete! 

You can view your listing by clicking on preview in the upper right corner. 

Step 5: You now have listed your space!

Now you have listed your space, tenants can send you a booking request or book directly depending on your given preference when listing the space. You will get an email when a tenant send you a message.

Step 6: IMPORTANT: Verify yourself

You have listed your space and you need to have at least one verification in order for your property to be shown in our search results. Of course, more verifications will give the tenant more confidence and will help you rent out your property faster.

Phone verification:
Click on Dashboard>>Profile and scroll down and click on +add phone number. Just select your country, type your phone number and click on Verify via SMS. You will receive a code on your mobile: fill this code in to get you phone verified. 

Email verification:
Click on Dashboard>>Profile>>Trust and Verification and confirm your email. 

Social verification:
Click on Dashboard>>Profile>>Trust and Verification and then connect at least one of the different networks. More verification is always better and shows more trust to the tenant.

All done - be ready to get inquiries soon!