Guest Refund Cancellation Policy

This page describes how you cancel your booking. 

How can I cancel a booked property?

First of all, we are sorry to hear you want to cancel your booking! If you want to cancel your booking, please send an email to with the request explaining why you want to cancel your booking. Please make sure to include the booking number.

When can I cancel my booking?

In general, you cannot cancel a booking once you have made the booking. However, there are some conditions where you can:

  • The pictures from the advertised property are not in line with the property itself.
  • There is false information on the property-details advertised which significantly changes the value or type of the booking (for example. advertised as a whole house but you got a room)
  • You have not received a key on the date of arrival.

Please note that you have 48 hours after check-in to send us an email that you want to cancel the booking. After the 48 hours, we have transfer the payment to the landlord and we cannot cancel the booking anymore. 

I have made a mistake, can I cancel my booking?

When you confirmed your booking by accident and have received a confirmation email, your booking is official. However, if you made a mistake it is possible to cancel your booking within 24-hours after the booking was confirmed. 

Please send us an email to stating that you have made a mistake and want to cancel your order. Make sure to do this within 24-hours. You will receive your first months' rent + 50% of the service fee. 

I don't like the property I have booked, can I cancel my booking?

We are sorry to hear that you don't like the property you have rented! However, unfortunately you can not cancel your booking. Please try to find an arrangement with the landlord.