Property in Rotterdam more expensive than in peak year 2008

In Rotterdam property has become more expensive for the first time then before the credit crisis in 2008 according the CBS, a research institute. Prices of apartments & houses in Rotterdam reached a peak in the third quarter of 2008. After this peak, prices fell by nearly 16 percent to a low point in the second quarter of 2013. More than three years after this, prices are 2 percent above the level in 2008. This also underlines the growth and the popularity of Rotterdam. Of the 4 biggest cities in the Netherlands, only the Hague is below the peak in 2008.

House prices in Rotterdam higher than peakyear 2008
House prices in Rotterdam higher than peakyear 2008 Source: CBS

As can be seen from the figure above, house prices both in the Netherlands (light blue line) and Rotterdam (dark blue line) peak in 2008. After that, a five year decline period followed. After the house prices dipping in the last quarter of 2013, the prices started to increase further with a steep increase in 2016. Especially the house prices in Rotterdam source in 2016. The increase was seen in all districts in Rotterdam.

Source: CBS, Land Registry

Corporate Housing Rotterdam

Corporate Housing Rotterdam – Apartments for Executives
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Corporate Housing Rotterdam
Corporate Housing Rotterdam

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Long Stay Rotterdam
If you prefer a longer stay apartment without the service level which you get with serviced apartment, please consider than a furnished apartment. These apartments are perfect of you plan to live a year up to three years in Rotterdam. They are also very well located and more priced lower.





Rotterdam Blijdorp / Noord District

Rotterdam Blijdorp / Noord is one of the popular districts in Rotterdam together with the City Centre district and Kralingen. Rotterdam Noord and Blijdorp actually are 2 different districts but they are neighbours and have a lot of similarities, so that’s why they are discussed as one.

The district(s) is nicely located between the highway A20 and Rotterdam Central Station. Also the famous zoo Diergaarde Blijdorp can be found here. Another great thing about this area is the “Vroesenpark”, a very nice and green park where you have you weekly run. On sunny days in summer, this place is especially great when people will enjoy beers and wine while roasting there meat on the BBQ (see picture below)

Rotterdam Blijdorp & Noord

Rotterdam Blijdorp/ Noord

Apartments and housing in Rotterdam Blijdorp / Noord

Rotterdam Blijdorp/ Blijdorp has been built in between 1930 and 1940 in typical dutch style. The district is a popular area amongst young people such as students and people with there first or second job.

You can buy an apartment here for around € 2000,- per m2 (jan, 2017), but obviously this is dependent of quality, exact location of the apartment, appliances etc but that is some thing a real estate agent can help you with.

For renting you will pay around € 1000 euro / month for a 70m2 apartment, you will generally get more space for your money comparing it to Kralingen or the City Centre.

Tip, rent an apartment close to the A20 or at the Schieweg, unless you like to smoke even if you don’t have a cigarette in your mouth.

Apartments in Blijdorp

For Rent - Very light and nicely located apartment in Blijdorp

For Rent - Very light and nicely located apartment in Blijdorp
Located in Blijdorp a 2 bedroom apartment is available. The apartment consists of 2 bedrooms, 1 livingroom and 1 small extra room. The city centre is reachable within 5 minutes. It is close to Blijdorp Metrostation so other places like the Erasmus University are easy attainable.


Bars and Restaurants in Rotterdam Noord and Blijdorp
It is not the most known area for eating or going to bars and restaurants, then you really need to go to the city centre. However there are some nice places to keep in mind. Angelo Betti has some very nice pizza’s and you can enjoy great sorbets there. If you are heading for beers, think about Bergpolder, a typical  sportspub from Rotterdam and a nice place to enjoy your sports with your favorite beer!

Vroesenpark Rotterdam Blijorp on a sunny day in summer
Vroesenpark Rotterdam Blijdorp on a sunny day in summer

Rotterdam Het Lage Land District

Het Lage Land, a great area to stay in Rotterdam..
If you look at the map Het Lage Land has a great location in Rotterdam:

  • It is next to the park “Het Kralingse bos” as you can see on the map below.
  • If you would want to go to the city centre, is it just 15 minutes by bike
  • It is very close to the Erasmus University
  • Het Lage land is easy to access by car and the highway are easy accessible as well
  • It is a very quiet area as in there is not a lot of noise of cars and traffic.

So why isn’t this area super popular you ask? Well, this is because of the buildings, the number of restaurants/bars you find here, your neighbors and history.

..but it has its downsides.
Starting with history, the district was created in the early sixties of the 20th century. This neighborhood is very spacious (45 houses per hectare) and was build quickly and cheaply because Rotterdam needed to expand fast. As a result it looks pretty straightforward which doesn’t give a great atmosphere if you like to live in an urban area.  However, if you are the person who is looking for a quiet place to stay for studying for example this is the place to be.  Also you neighbors will probably be quit old, because the average age tends to be somewhat high in this area.

With regards to Horeca you won’t find many popular Restaurants and Bars here. Consider going to places in the Kralingse Bos, where you have 2 great restaurants.

Location Het Lage Land

Rotterdam Het Lage Land Area
Rotterdam Het Lage Land Area

You can see the brilliant location of “Het Lage Land” on the map above. The Erasmus University is where you find the red “A16” label.

Prices Het Lage Land
This area is relatively cheap in comparison to its location. You can buy an 80m2 apartment for around € 150.000. This would a lot more expensive if you would compare this with the neighboring area Kralingen or the City Centre.

Renting an apartment will costs between €800-€1000 euro for 80m2 as well. That is a lot of value for money! Student rooms would costs around € 450 per month per 15m2 meters and you will get a seperate living with that as well.

Apartments Het Lage Land

Fully Furnished Apartment with 2 bedrooms.

Located at the quiet area "Het lage land" a 4 room apartment is available. The apartment consists of 3 bedrooms and 1 livingroom. Erasmus University is reachable by bike within only 15 minutes!


Not a bad choice

If you consider moving to Rotterdam, Het Lage Land might be a very good option. Especially when you don’t care much about how the building you live in looks like and when you like a quiet area. For international students this might even be the best option!

Firday Market Het Lage Land Source:
Friday Market Het Lage Land Source: